The Greasy Spoon

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Motorcycle Valet

Dumaguete is a city that has many tag lines, the most popular and official tag is “The City of Gentle People.” However, over the years, new tags have emerged – one of which is “University Town,” another is “Motorcycle City,” since the city is heavily saturated with motorcycles.

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The David’s Haircut Experience  

Last February (I know it was long ago), I got a haircut after years of living with my long locks. In the name of science, I decided to get a haircut at David’s Salon – the one located downtown. Given that it was my first haircut in years, I, along with Helbert, decided to have it done in at David’s because we wanted to know if the price they offered was worth it.

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Student Hotspots (Part I)

Dumaguete city is known to be a University Town. Most of the city’s population comprises of students coming to the city. The schools attract students from various places, to mention a few; we have Silliman University, Foundation University, and the Negros Oriental State University. During a school break, the city is quiet and less populated compared to the rest of the year.

Aside from the school campuses, we’ve compiled 5 places in the city where you can usually find students studying, researching, hanging out, or discussing a group project.

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Breakfast at Gabby’s

Do you have a hankering for Asian cuisine or pasta? Need some artistic inspiration?  Want to have a fancy, or what the locals call “sosyal”, and satisfying food experience? Or maybe you need a good cool down from the heat. Gabby’s Bistro of Florentina Homes answers this very need.

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Chasing Waterfalls Part I

If there’s another word to describe the municipality of Valencia other than breezy, that would be exotic. For South Korean vacationers Chansoo and Jaehun, seeing a wide cascade glide on red boulders 30 kilometers west of Dumaguete was no ordinary view. Even on my first visit of the place a few years back, I was quite taken aback with its seemingly natural red tinted banks.

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Cupcakes Please!

Last January 31, 2014, part of the Escape Mark team, Tina and Helbert, was invited to a cupcake tasting event at one of the newest businesses in town – The CJ Cupcakery.

Upon arriving at the venue, we were amazed seeing a table filled mini-cupcakes of different flavors. There were over 10 flavors you can choose from. *que  mouth watering* Yes! We had to taste all of them. Along with the cupcakes, we were given a score sheet and a fruit punch.

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